março 18, 2016Liliana Miguez Garcia

PFW 2016-17
The squad (I stole the first pic from Inês instagram account) / "Pâtisserie" / Delicious chévre toast /Already missing this view


"You've got that thing, you've got that thing
That thing that makes birds forget to sing
Yes, you've got that thing, that certain thing

You've got that charm, that subtle charm
That makes young farmers desert the farm
'Cause you've got that thing, that certain thing"

Conal Fowkes
PFW 2016-17
Backstage/Bastidores Luís Buchinho
PFW 2016-17
Waiting for the Luís Buchinho fashion show at Université Paris Descartes
PFW 2016-17
Fashion Show/Desfile Luís Buchinho Fall/Winter 2016-17
pfw best of
Walking through the streets of Paris eating many cakes (eheheh)
pfw best of
Lily à Paris (ahah)
PFW 2016-17
Backstage/Bastidores Diogo Miranda | Portugal Fashion's team | Press
pfw best of
Diogo Miranda | BNF - Galerie Mansart
PFW 2016-17
The show

We'll aways have Paris!

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