maio 19, 2017Liliana Miguez Garcia

chris cornell
1964 - 2017


Seattle had always been a peaceful and quiet town, only dominated by some factories (Boeing and Microsoft), and dealing, day after day, with the unemployment problem. 
Something was in the air...the rage and frustration of a young generation was starting the develop and to be expressed, especially in the music. The early '90s was the big boom of grunge music: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots were the special ones. 
"Smells like teen Spirit" from Nirvana, became the song of a whole generation. It expressed the disappointment caused by the government and the lyrics became a credo to some. Their musics were powerful but also melodic. Fashion starts to pay attention to this movement, and soon messy hair, chess flannel shirts were all over the corner and the kids started to dress like her idols.
But shit happens (always with my fave bands). Soon TV and newspapers became interested in everything about their lives, that started to be a perfect hell. Everything they did, in the day after, was written in the newspaper criticizing them to the limit ("Printin' lies, startin' controversy", you know) #fuckthetabloidpress.
After this movement the history of music will never be same again. Grunge music's like a colorful salad but with too much vinegar (I love it). It's got a philosophy and a film ("Singles") it arouses the world to their real problems. I just have one thing to say: Thank you!

Eddie Vedder is one of the small amount who is facing the reality straight. 

Versão em português (post que fiz em 2012)


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